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It's Not Enough to Be Angry


“History has taught…it is not enough for people to be angry—the supreme task is to organize and unite people so that their anger becomes a transforming force.” — Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., February 23, 1968

Download this important book by Willie Baptist that explains the need for a  movement by and for the poor and dispossessed that can become a new and unsettling force.

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The University of the Poor emerged from the collective experience of a broad network of organizations and efforts. It comes from our reflection on many past successes and failures in developing cadre committed to the unity and leadership of the poor. Our lineage includes work with homeless unions, welfare rights organizations, trade unions and various other grassroots and poor people’s organizations.

This work has shown us the need to understand and respond to changes in the political and economic landscape, develop leaders with clarity and vision, as well as the commitment to unite the poor and dispossessed who have been historically divided to our detriment.

We have observed that without deeper education, people who are organized only on the basis of narrowly understood and short-term interests tend to leave the movement instead of becoming committed leaders. They leave once their immediate needs are met, or once they face failure in a campaign, or backlash, or other kinds of defeat. We’ve also seen that for every person you can help find housing, ten more become homeless. An approach that says you can solve homelessness, environmental injustice, racial oppression, war, or any other struggle one person or policy change at a time is not sustainable.

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¿Que es la Universidad de los Pobres?

Del Documento Conceptual de la Universidad de los Pobres

La misión de la Universidad de los Pobres es identificar y desarrollar, de forma sistémica, líderes entregados a la unidad de los pobres y desposeídos tras líneas de color y otras líneas de división para construir un movimiento poderoso y con base amplia para acabar con la pobreza.

Nuestros oponentes tienen gabinetes estratégicos, centros de entrenamiento, revistas, universidades, y fundaciones para entender este momento en la historia, desarrollar su ideología, avanzar las organizaciones políticas de sus clases, y reproducir sus líderes intelectuales. Nosotros necesitamos estas clases de organizaciones también. Para poder pelear la batalla ideológica y política necesaria para acabar con la pobreza con éxito, necesitamos desarrollar la unidad de los pobres y los desposeídos, tanto en pensamiento, como en acción.

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